S’more Nostalgia

My daughter ran her first full marathon this morning! She has run several half marathons and was ready to challenge herself to the next level. She trained hard for months, showing admirable determination, resilience and strength of body and mind. I had encouraged her through the ups and downs of the whole process and excitedly cheered her on as we watched her triumphant leap over the finish line!

Of course we had a delicious autumn inspired celebration dinner for her; grilled spice-rubbed pork loin, mashed butternut squash with honey and pecans a large salad with apples, walnuts and pomegranate seeds tossed with a maple cider vinaigrette.

My daughter especially loves dessert, so after such an occasion, I really wanted to make something that would be a special treat. I live by the 90/20 rule; 90% of the time I eat very healthy foods and believe that it’s okay to have some special treats from time to time. I thought it would be fun to have a treat that she really loved eating as a child.

When I’m looking for a nostalgic treat there is nothing that hits the spot quite like a good old fashioned s’more! That prefect combination of warm toasted marshmallow and a square of pure milk chocolate sandwiched between two crunchy graham crackers.They take me back to my childhood and I knew they would take her back to her childhood as well. When I was growing up, after a family cookout my dad would check the grill for safety and we’d get to toast a marshmallow on a skewer over the still hot coals. There were also many summers spent at Girl Scout camp where an evening activity began by  searching for the perfect stick on which to place a marshmallow to hold over an open campfire to make s’mores. S’mores were followed by rounds of campfire songs. After I had children I had a new opportunity to enjoy these treats again as they all participated in scouting and our family made s’mores for dessert after cookouts as well. We even took it to another level and enjoyed them year round. When it became too cold to grill outside, we simply made an indoor version in the oven.

When I had to stop eating dairy and gluten I modified my s’mores by sandwiching toasted marshmallows between gluten-free graham crackers and using a dairy-free dark chocolate. It was delicious and it was an acceptable substitution but was not quite the same as the traditional s’more that I had always loved.



My daughter and I were doing our normal shopping at Whole Foods recently. As we were going up and down the aisles getting the items on our list something on an end cap caught our attention! It seemed we both saw it at the same time and had the same thought! There on a shelf was a beautiful site! It was a box filled with Enjoy Life Foods Ricemilk chocolate bars! The bars were the the perfect size and thickness to break into squares for use on a s’more! We were so excited that we bought one to try on our way home from the store. Could it really taste like milk chocolate? It was creamy and delicious and was reminiscent of the milk chocolate squares that I used to put in s’mores before going dairy free!

I decided that our  marathon celebration dinner was the perfect occasion to try out the Ricemilk chocolate in some s’mores!

I assembled my ingredients; marshmallows, Enjoy Life Rice Milk Chocolate Bars, gluten free graham crackers for a traditional s’more and I decided that it would be fun to change it up and make another version using Vanilla Honey Graham Cookie made by Enjoy Life Foods. Since its early fall and the weather is a little cooler, I decided to make them in the oven. I turned the broiler on to heat up. While the oven was preheating, I lined the graham crackers and cookies up in rows on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. I placed a marshmallow on each cracker/cookie. On a separate plate I lined up the crackers/cookies and placed a square of ricemilk chocolate on each. I broiled the marshmallow topped cookies/crackers for a few minutes, checking frequently, and removed when the marshmallows were puffed and golden. I immediately placed the chocolate followed by the cookie/cracker on top of the marshmallow and lightly squeezed together until the marshmallow oozed and the chocolate began to melt. I flipped the s’mores over so the marshmallow was on top of the chocolate sandwiched between cookie/cracker and placed on a platter to serve. We all thoroughly enjoyed the s’mores, it was a sweet ending to top off my daughter’s triumphant leap over the finish line!


Recipe for Indoor S’mores



Gluten-free/dairy-free graham crackers (for traditional s’mores, 2 crackers/s’more)

Enjoy Life Vanilla Honey Graham Cookies (2 cookies per s’more)

Enjoy Life Boomchocoboom Ricemilk Chocolate bars (each bar has 2 squares/bar)


Turn oven to broil and set rack at highest level

Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper

Set one cracker/cookie on sheet per s’more

Set one marshmallow on top of each cookie/cracker

On a platter lay out one cookie/cracker for each one on the baking sheet

Top each cookie/cracker with 1 or 2 squares of Ricemilk chocolate (I used one on the Graham crackers and two on the cookies as they were bigger)

Broil marshmallow topped cookies/crackers for about 4-6 minutes or until puffed and golden, checking frequently

Once golden, remove from oven, immediately put milk chocolate on top of march mallow and quickly top with cookie/cracker and gently press down. Flip over so sandwiched marshmallow is on top and return to platter. Enjoy!


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